Become a leading timber supplier in Vietnam and abroad.

With the mentioned vision, Tri Dung has identified three overall missions for the development of the company as well as partners as follows


Becoming the most reliable wood supplier of our valued customers thanks to our abundant source of quality wood, based on the customer-centered approach.


Provide employees the best working environment with multiple opportunities for capacity development, value contribution, and successful career development.


Bringing partners attractive long-term benefits through policies and price stability to create the best market for each region.

Tri Dung Wood commits to bring customers the following values over the years:

Customer is above all means that everything we do is only valuable when it really brings benefits to our customers.

Continuously improve to stay ahead.

Spiritual coordination: because in Tri Dung Wood, you shall not have good results if not coordinate with the others.

Human resource development: Employees with high capacity shall create competitive advantage and outstanding success for the organization.

Commit to action to overcome difficulties and achieve great success.