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The top priority and target of our company is to improve the quality of raw materials of wood and expand the business market. Hence, we have been actively looking for partners, wood import markets around the world. Currently, the largest import markets of our company are Africa and America. Many of the prestigious wood species of these two markets are imported directly by us such as South Africa Iron- wood (thali); Pachyloba, Padouk, MKB, iron- wood (Cumaru), Sipo, Iroko, Sapelli, Jackie (Billinga), etc.

1. Why do customers choose Tri Dung Wood?

+ We have a business development team understanding the market.
+ We have a large warehouse system with the professional shipping service.
+ We have many years of experience, reputation in the wood industry in Vietnam

2. Quotations

Customers cooperate with Tri Dung, please quote the CNF price/ m3 to Hai Phong port, Vietnam or FOB price.

3. Payment

In corporation with Tri Dung, we shall pay 100% by L/CC, T/T or CAD, when Bank in Vietnam received original documents (eg, Commercial invoice, Bill of lading, Plant Inspection Certificate, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Quality and Quantity, Provenience of wood, etc.)
Xuất nhập khẩu

Welcome to Tri Dung Wood, please contact us for cooperation, development and success.

Sincerely cooperate!