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Timber trading is the key sector in the development strategy of Tri Dung Trading and Manufacturing Company Limited. With the stable and diversified supply resources from domestic and foreign partners, we have contributed to help the majority of companies and wood producers could access to high quality natural wood.

Therefore, Tri Dung Trading and Manufacturing Co., Ltd has been regarded as one of the leading companies of timber trading in Vietnam.

Why Tri Dung chose timber trading?

At present, the demand of raw wood materials for domestic production of wooden furniture, handicrafts and export is increasing day by day. Meanwhile the industrial wood does not meet the demand due to low quality, fast rot, affecting the aesthetics and health of consumers. Therefore, the natural wood is more and more popular and trusted.
Understanding this desire, Tri Dung Trading and Manufacturing Co., Ltd has early introduced the business model of trading wood products, natural wood material into its operation for many years. At present, we have been involved in most of the major wood import markets from Africa, America, etc, creating a stable and diversified supply for domestic wood market. Since then the wood products have been significantly improved.

Tri Dung Trading and Manufacturing Co., Ltd - a prestigious timber trading company in Vietnam

Over 14 years of development and more than 20 years of experience in the wood industry with the principle of "PRESTIGE - QUALITY - COOPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT" throughout the operation, we have gradually established the brand, reputation through the satisfaction of customers and partners.

"Prestige - Quality - Cooperation and Development" in the business of Tri Dung:

+ Cooperation with many partners in timber business: We are now a prestigious address for domestic and foreign partners who want to participate in the wood market in Vietnam. We create a stable and diversified supply for the domestic market with many partners from the wood market in Africa, EU, US, etc.

+ Our company has large warehouse and professional shipping service: Therefore, all customers could come to our company to visit and directly check the product before deciding to choose. Therefore, customers could avoid mistakes and losses in the business contract.

+ Warranty on the origin and quality of timber: Beside the consultancy and dedicated support in the selection of timber. Our company also ensures our prestige and professionalism through warranty and aftermarket policies. Therefore, when choosing the products of our company, customers shall be guaranteed the maximum benefits on the basis of respecting the business ethics.

+ Good quality, reasonable price

+ Especially, our company has policies to support, stabilize prices, accompanying partners to develop the market for each region.
kinh doanh thương mại

Customers who wish to cooperate, purchase raw timber, etc, please contact our company to get specific consultancy.

Sincerely cooperate!