Tri Dung Wood is the largest importer and distributor of timber in Vietnam. With large imported resources of timber from both Vietnam and foreign areas such as EU, Africa, America ... Tri Dung is proud to bring to customers the diverse resource of timber in Vietnam. We could provide a variety of timber species from the popular ones for every customer to the scarcest species in the market.

Abundance of product

Founded in 2004, with the principle of business: "Prestige - Quality - Cooperation and Development", Tri Dung has cooperated with many foreign partners such as Angola, Gabon, Cameroon, Congo, South Africa, South America, Colombia, etc to import abundant wood resources such as: Iroko, Sipo, Tali, MKB, Cumaru, KAW, Wenger, Sapelly, Bilinga, Padouk, etc. Therefore, Tri Dung is proud of being Vietnam's most diversified timber supplier.

Target of Tri Dung

However, not just stop there, Tri Dung also wishes to raise the value of wood materials in the mindset of Vietnamese consumers, thereby raising the awareness and quality of life for each customer. Therefore, Tri Dung has been looking for partners to supply and distribute the timber with the best quality to all consumers. This is how we contribute to society while ensuring the long-term success of Tri Dung's business.

Value of Tri Dung

The value of Tri Dung is reflected in the way we do business, always acting lawfully and honestly with respect to the employees and partners of Tri Dung.

Especially when coming to Tri Dung, partners shall receive the policies to support and stabilize prices, which create the best market for each region.

Welcome to Tri Dung Wood, please contact us for cooperation, development and success.

Sincerely cooperate!

Tri Dung Wood accompanies you for a prosperous timber industry!